D  O  C  U  M  E  N  T      S  T  O  R  A  G  E ,      I  N  C .

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the procedure to view core samples?  

Complete all fields on the Core Viewing Request Form and submit it by clicking on the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the form. Upon receipt of the request, the Core Library Manager will contact the person requesting a core layout and confirm scheduling dates.  Approval of the request must be provided by the designated asset owner.

What is the procedure to view confidential cores?

A letter of authority to view  and/or sample confidential cores must be sent to the Core Library Manager prior to the viewing date. Confidential cores will be displayed in the secure viewing room whenever possible.

Can cores be sampled and or tested?

A letter of authority to sample or to perform tests on a sample set of cores is required in advance of the scheduled viewing date. DSI does not store hazardous materials.  Any potentially hazardous items used must be removed upon completion of the testing/sampling.

Records & Geologic Materials Center

Main: 907-644-1060      dsi@dsiinfo.com

What to do when arriving at the Records & Geologic Materials Center?

Please use the silver door bell to access intercom communication with DSI personnel and obtain gate entry.  Upon entry to the facility, check in at our front desk.  All visitors must sign in and receive building orientation.  A coffee/break area is available for visitors use.  If you require assistance, our administrative offices and staff are located on the main level. Access to storage areas are restricted. Secure parking is provided.